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School fundraising facts

Easy & Profitable

  • No money counting or reporting sales tax.
  • No sending students door - to - door.
  • No managing inventory.
  • Money back on each animal sold!
  • Donation check presented same day!

Creative & Fun

  • Interactive hands on activity in our Jungle.
  •  Students create their own unique collectible animal.
  • Students have a blast in the mobile Jungle! 


Does it Cost the School?

NO! This is absolutely risk free for the school. When you follow our  simple steps, you will have a very successful fundraising event. 

What if fundraisers are set?

JunglePatrol is not counted as your limited number of fundraisers allowed per year. We file the sales tax. We just need 2 week notice!

How long are the kids out of class?

No need to fear! Students are only out of class 10-15 minutes at a time. 50-60 kids go through the mobile jungle per hour. 

How much $$ does my school get?

Money is donated back per package sold to your students. There are 2 different packages to choose from.  The more students who participate, the more money you will receive. A check will be presented at the end of the event. 

Am I allowed to advertise?

The more students who participate, the more money your school will receive as a donation. Advertise as little or as much as you want. Either way, hosting an event with JunglePatrol will be successful. 

What does the school need to do?

  • Pick a Date
  • Send Order Forms Home
  • Send Reminder Note Home 
  • Bring the kids to the jungle!

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