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Business Opportunities

With Jungle Patrol it is easy and safe to start your own business. We provide everything you need to become successful and with our broad experience, we can advise and support you all the way from start-up to when it's time to expand your growing business.

We specialize in fundraising events, birthday parties, and so much more. Whether you are looking for full time or part time, Jungle Patrol can add so much fun and excitement to your business. 

Stuff Your Own Animal experiences and mobile trailer businesses have never been more popular than today and we see a big increase in demand for our products.

Did you know for example that all of our Jungle Patrol Trailers and stuffing machines are built in-house and in the USA?

Contact one of our members to Start Your Own Profitable Business Today! mobile business successful business business for sale


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Would you Like to Start your own Business and are Ready to Combine Having Fun and Earn Money at the Same Time? We Have a Key-Ready Business Opportunity With our Life-Long Coaching and Support Program for Almost Every State. Ask us Today!