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Create Fun Childhood Memories With Us!


JunglePatrol is a new way to stuff-your-own-animal, you don't have to travel to us - we come to you!

Perfect for your Birthday Party, Corporate Event, School Event or anytime you like to bring smiles and happiness to the children around you.

The JunglePatrol is now serving the entire Great State of Texas, Alabama, South Georgia, Florida Panhandle, ask us for other areas and business opportunities.

Animals That Will Last


All of our products are made by Animaland with their well known quality and the patented zipper-lock in the back - which will ensure the animals not to go up in the back and spread fiberfill all over.

More than Just Plushed Toys


Doing an event with the JunglePatrol is so much more than buying a plushed toy; we create an experience and a happy memory that will last much longer than the regular present would do. Join us today!

Principal's Testimony - Elementary Fundraising

Elementary Fundraisers
School Events

Children's University

Arlington, Texas

February 20, 2019

Regina Wright - Head of Schools

Children's University received a check amount for $362.00 just within a couple hours. The children loved it and it ran very smoothly! Over 1/3 of the students participated and next year we estimate 1/2 of the students to participate. 

Mr. Lopez states his personal experience.